Album: Forgotten Paths (2015)

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Song: Forgotten Paths

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When Oceans Rise began as a solo act by guitarist and vocalist Jesse Gray in late 2014. The idea was to create modern metalcore with a unique, melodic sound that yet did not alter its heavy base. Its theme soon became based on the ocean and the sky, which was incorporated into the sound. In an attempt to make the sound even more unique, Jesse began adding new ideas to the musical structure. He added elements from the lighter post-hardcore, and from the brutal breakdowns of deathcore, making his music truly unbound by genre. He then became inspired by progressive bands such as Periphery and Structures, adding abnormal time signatures and off-tempo transitions to his songs, and characterizing the guitar riffs with interesting techniques. Vocals consisted of a fair amount of brutal screams modeled after vocalists like Danny Worsnop, and a melodic clean vocal style modeled after singers like Jonny Craig. Now, When Oceans Rise is on the way to becoming a full band.